World Cup Live Coverage

Live Coverage

We are happy to release another guide for our visitors on how to watch live events online on their computers or smartphones! If you are a big fan of soccer like ourselves and don’t have access to a TV this is a great way to make sure you don’t miss a single minute of the live action in Russian lands. As you know, some TV channels will be broadcasting the live events during the full tournament but without a TV it is very complicated to be able to enjoy that kind of coverage.

To help you out we created this instructional post on how to watch the full world championship on your computer using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) this is a very smart piece of software that is able to change your IP address in order to unlock region restricted streams of the official broadcasters like BBC.

This will work with any computer or mobile device, and quality is so good that you won’t even notice that you are not watching the matches on your television. We will be using a VPN called HideMyass for this purpose, it’s a secure and liable tool that can be easily installed and after you setup everything you are ready to go and enjoy the games.

Live coverage for USA residents – How to Watch In The United States

For our fellow american friends, the tool is also very useful and works the same way as in any other region of the world. If you are living abroad or travelling trough the USA you can now enjoy all the perks of this powerful software and start watching all the live coverage of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Please read our article and follow the instructions on our video to help you setup everything correctly.

Enjoy live coverage of the World Cup with english commentary

This is one of the simplest ways for you to enjoy the games in HD with english commentary while travelling or living abroad. Just install the application on your smartphone, tablet or computer and root for your favorite athletes all the way to the finish line. Don’t bother looking for pirated streams because you won’t be able to watch the games with the tremendous delay those sites will be enduring with thousands of other users looking for a quick fix. It’s of tremendous importance that you follow our advice, it will save you time and the frustration of having to deal with virus, spyware and the annoyance of lag. The official streams have the occasional advert but are the safest and the ones with the best image quality.